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RollaDome All Skate invites you to attend a special Fundraising event with all proceeds will go towards the further development of our clubs and members. The event, “Celebrating You” will begin at 10:00a.m – 4:00, for Families and young people, and 6:00 – 11:00 for Adults, Saturday, November 29, at Greenford Town Hall, Ruislip Road, Greenford Middlesex, UB6 9QN 

Over the last five years RollaDomes, volunteers and members have worked hard to increase young people’s participation in roller sports, and stay active.  Delivering over 3000 events involving over 8000 participants.

We want to use the funds raised from this event to ensure that more young people are able to participate in an activity, who otherwise not have the opportunity to do so.  We also want to ensure that members are afforded more opportunities, to take their sporting activities further by supporting them with good Coaching in safe environments.

You can contribute to these efforts by purchasing a ticket to the benefit, by visiting our Eventbrite Bookings page Your helpful contributions are truly something to skate about.

If you are unable to attend but would like to contribute, you may also pass the invitation to someone else to represent you at the Event, or donate your ticket.

We want very much to further support our member’s development and who knows? We might just see some of them in the 2017 World Roller Sports Championships.


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Contact us today if you are interested in finding out more about our club either as a student, player, official, coach or volunteer.

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