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We aim to promote the use of community spaces and active living through roller-skating and making a fun activity accessible to all as an engagement and sports participation tool.

Following the feedback of our W13 Gets Rolling project we would like to bring the roller-skating activity to spaces across Ealing this winter. 

Everyone who attended the outdoor roller-rink enjoyed the experience and thought it was a great way of bringing people into the park and getting people active. Children and adults learnt or improved their skating skills and enjoyed the rolladisco, being outside and appreciated the support of qualified and experienced staff. Many people have taken up skating in the after school clubs or invested in skates so they can get more active. 

We would like to bring the roller-rink to spaces that are underused and areas where people live. For example Multi Use Games Areas, open spaces, parks, community halls, on or near housing estates around the whole of West London. 

What we'll do:

  • Bring a roller-rink experience to boroughs in West London, using open spaces within communities
  • Coaching and equipment required for people in the community to learn to skate and develop new skills
  • Support local resident associations and community groups and services to attend to engage with the community
  • Provide the rollerdisco on one of the days to bring the community together and have a winter party
  • Get feedback from the people in the community to ensure that we are improving our services continually

Why it's a great idea:

This will take an exciting project and a fun activity to areas where people live but may not feel much of a community spirit or have opportunities to come together as a community. 

We will engage children, young people and adults in a physical activity that is easy to sustain and is fun. 

We will bring the community together having, coached roller skating programs, roller discos, team, speed skating, roller derby, artistic skating, hockey and team activities 

We can work with local the voluntary sector, residents groups and local services to help promote important heath and well being, sports participation benefit, youth engagement and development messages to people.

How we'll get it done:

  • Work with the local council and voluntary sector community hubs to identify areas
  • Work with local resident groups or representative community groups to engage people
  • Conscious arranges the rolladisco involving local (young) people DJing with established DJs
  • Arrange for the installation of the roller rink (with cover) for 3 days at each chosen venue
  • Apply for relevant licenses and create event plans, risk assessments etc. for each venue
  • Conscious to organise stalls around the rink that enables community organisations to reach the local community
  • Arrange for a team of staff are prepared through training, planning and recruiting paid and unpaid staff
  • Promotion through community involvement, posters and leafleting, social media & partnership working

This project is about using roller-skating as a tool for community development and involvement. The key is the partnership with the local voluntary sector hub, local resident associations and the RollaDome and Conscious Team to create a sustainable impact on the areas that the roller rink is placed. 

If feedback shows that there is interest in the activity and RollaDome continuing in the long term we will work with local people to make it happen. If not at least the community will have had a fun experience and will have more knowledge of the community groups available to support them.

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