Story Time


"Sebastian’s Roller Skates" by: Joan De Deu Prats


 “A Teacher on Roller Skates and Other School Riddles” by David Adler and John Wallner 


“Rabbits on Roller Skates!” by Jan Wahl and David Allender


“The Runaway Roller Skate” by John Vernon Lord


“Roller Skates” by Ruth Sawyer


“Roller Skates!” by Stephanie Calmenson and True Kelley


“Karen’s Roller Skates” by Ann M. Martin


“Count Roller Skates” by Thomas Sancton

“I Can Roller Skates” by Sheila Fraser and Lisa Kopper


“Roller Skates” by Silky Sullivan and Lois Axeman


“Roller Skate Mania” by Edward Radlauer

“Roller Skating: A Beginner’s Guide” by I.G. Edmonds


“Better Roller Skating for Boys and Girls” by George Sullivan


“Roller Skating: Fundamentals and Techniques” by Sharon Kay Stoll


“Roller Skating Is for Me” by Tom Moran and Marilyn Groch


“Roller Skating (Action Sports)” by Eileen Kulper


“The Complete Book of Roller Skating” by Consumer Guide

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