RollaDome All Skate Club uniform consists of a club T Shirt and Track Suit. Wearing the club uniform is a great way to identify RollaDome members and build a sense of club identity and unity!

Tracksuit Tops

It is compulsory for all members to where their club uniform at sessions, as it ensures health and safety of all is taken into consideration and risk minimised for all participants.

Tracksuit Bottoms

The club is formally committed to our sponsors to ensure that club gear featuring sponsors’ logos and names.

We will not retain sponsors if we do not adhere to this undertaking. Members who do not wear the prescribed uniform may be refused entry at sessions, events, by coaches.

The club uniform should be work for all medal presentations at all external and internal events. when members are representing the club.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to get into the spirit and purchase the club shirt or wear the club colours whenever possible to promote club spirit.

Speed Skating, Roller Hockey, Inline Hockey uniforms COMING SOON

Uniform order form can be found here and emailed to the Uniform Coordinator: admin@rolladome.org.uk

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