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RollaDome has integrated Media into the Charities profile of services.  We have learnt, from our young people, the important relationship between the use of Media and Sport.

Our New Media Team, will delivery Workshops, Training and Projects in FilmMaking, Music Making, Coding, 

.... and off course great fun elements, such as your own "Music Video Party", YES... bring your friends, make a music video, and have it for ever.

The team will not only manage our in house Media, they will involve all of our members, ,who will contribute the content, showing off what they learn here at RollaDome.

The Teams services are also available to other  organisations, who ,like us are Charitable in their aims, and working to deliver services that help break down barriers. 

Sport and the Media

The aim of this lesson is to find out how the media affects sport itself, as well as teams and individuals (Equivalent to UK GCSE Physical Education)

The media includes any form of promotion of sport, such as:

  • TV and Radio - Show (or commentate on) matches and competitions. There are also highlights; documentaries and quiz shows about sports!
  • Cable and Satellite TV - These show events on a pay-per-view basis
  • Ceefax and Teletext - Have up-to-date information about events in the world of sport
  • Internet - All teams and major athletes have their own websites where you can find all kinds of information about the team/athlete/matches
  • Newspapers and Magazines - Print predictions and results, as well as articles about athletes and clubs
  • Books and Films - Biographies are big business for ex sports players

Technology is really important to the coverage of sport in the media. Not only does it allow all of these forms of media to be possible, but it also allows features like photo finishes, instant replays, split times etc


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The impact of media sport events on the active participation of young people and some implications for PE pedagogy

The importance of social media in sport


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